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Textile industry in TURKEY

Updated: May 15, 2022

Textile industry is one of the most important sectors in the economy of Turkey in terms of GDP, exports, and employment. It comprises to 10 percent of the countrys GDP, and 20 Percent of the countrys total employment. It constitutes to 40 percent of the total industrial production of the country. Turkeys exports of finished garments amount to $8 billion a year, and makes 5 percent of the total global trade. Turkey has abundant availability of cotton as a traditional cotton growing country. This extensive growth of cotton provides a main advantage to its textile sector through uninterrupted supply of quality cotton, which is the main raw material required for textile industries. A survey states that out of Turkeys 1000 biggest manufacturing companies, 228 of them deal in textile, apparel, and carpet business. It is one of the few countries that have an integrated and good capacity of operations. The top five foreign markets for Turkey are US, Russia, UK, Germany, and France.

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