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Products other than our 2-day delivery products come to our Sudan branch from our warehouse in Turkey and are distributed from there. Under normal conditions, 6-8 days is the cargo company's terminus, and in 5 days, transactions are made in Turkey and Sudan. the product reaches you. It will be 13-15 days. We are working to shorten this period.


ZoolaZone does everything to give you all the comfort of online shopping, rest assured.


Thank you for choosing us. Returns are accepted only if our products are damaged. for this, when the delivery is made, check the product with the courier and deliver it to the courier with everything that came with your order (packaging, accessories, invoice). Don't let your shopping pleasure be spoiled, we are ready to do everything for you.


please order after examining the dimensions, color and fabric type of the product you will receive. We know that ZoolaZone customers have this awareness, but we wanted to make this little reminder.

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