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Privacy statement

As of: 05/2022M


Thank you for your interest in our online store. To offer you this online store we collect information about you, either provided directly by you, from you or through other channels. We take the protection of your privacy very seriously. Below we inform you in detail about the collection and use of your personal data..


ZoolaZone and BEWELL GLOBAL A.Ş are jointly the data controllers for the personal data collected and used in the EEA, the Sudanese trade laws apply.

To operate the webshop and to provide the services that we offer, your personal data is transferred to Turkey. In addition some of our service providers that we use to provide you with our services are located in countries that do not provide a level of data protection that is the same or similar to that of the European Union. When we do so this is either necessary in order to provide you with the services you requested, with your explicit consent, or other transfer mechanisms that may be available under the law such as Standard Contractual Clauses.

The contact details of ZoolaZone  are:




Adalet Mahallesi, Manas Bulvarı No:47 /B Folkart Towers A-Blok Kat: 25 Kapı No:9 (A2509)




Build no:212 Block:9 Kafury Bahri 


If you have any questions or comments around how we use your personal data you can reach out to us our Data Protection Officer at

  • What data does ZoolaZone collect?

When you use ZoolaZone or interact with us through some other means we collect data either directly from you or through you.

  • Data provided by you

  • Account information: We collect your information when you create an account this may include your name, email, phone number, date of birth, gender information and social media profile information if you choose to log-in this way.

  • Purchase and return information: We collect information about you when you purchase goods or potentially return them. This may include the items that you bought including the information about those items such as sizes, styles, and colours and whether you kept or returned those items and the reason for those returns.

  • Direct interest Information: We collect and use your information when you choose to provide them to us when you like a product, add them to your wishlist or interact with our social media posts. This might include the number of interactions and the items in your wishlist.

  • Shipping information: We collect your information to be able to send you the goods you order. This may include your address details, country that you live in, and prefered delivery times.

  • Payment information: We collect your payment information in order to be able to facilitate your payment. This may include the type of payment method used, payment details such as credit card number or bank account number, payment verification information

  • Reviews or other user provided content: We collect and use your information when you provide reviews on our website, social media pages, reach out to us through our customer support channels or through surveys we send out. This may include any pictures or video content that you provide us with, your public social media information if you choose to reach out to us through social media channels.

  • Data obtained directly from you or from your device

  • Device Data: When you browse our website or app we collect certain information about your device. This information is needed for you to be able to connect and for us to serve you with a better and more optimised product. This information might include your operating system, your IP address, location data, advertising and device IDs. type of device used and browser information.

  • Interaction and indirect interest data: When you interact with the content of our website and apps we monitor and use that information to optimise our services and to provide you with more relevant content. This information might include whether you clicked on an item that was recommended to you, the items that you were shown, and A/B test data.

  • Advertisement data: When you interact with our advertisements on third party platforms we obtain information about that interaction. This might include whether you clicked on the ad, or how long the ad was shown before an interaction took place, if by viewing that advertisement you directly or at a later time purchased a good on our platform, and indirectly the effectiveness of those advertisements.

  • Cookie data: When you browse our website or apps and you consent to their use we place cookies or similar technologies on your device to understand your use of our website. For more information on their use you can look at our consent banner.

  • Data obtained from others about you

In some exceptional cases we might receive information about you through other channels then directly from you. These sources might include from our shipping service providers, customs, regulatory or law enforcement authorities. The types of data obtained from these sources differ depending on the source of the data. But might include your contact details and ancillary information.

  • What does ZoolaZone use your data for?

We use your data to provide you with a reliable and personalised experience when you shop at ZoolaZone. In addition we use your data to Improve our services, send you marketing and non marketing related information, run advertising campaigns, and for our general business operations.

  • To enable you to shop at ZoolaZone

When you shop at ZoolaZone, we use your data:

  • For you to be able to create, maintain and update your account

  • For us to deliver and for you to return purchased goods. For example we require your address details to ship you the parcel.

  • For you to enjoy a personalised shopping experience. We may for example present you with personalised suggestions based on your past shopping and website interactions to make navigating our products easier.

  • For payment processing.

ZoolaZone uses your data for the above purposes because they are necessary in order to fulfil the agreement that we have with you. If you do not provide the data that is required for the above purposes we are unable to deliver you the service that you requested and it will therefore not be possible for you to shop and purchase goods at ZoolaZone.

  • When you reach out to/interact with ZoolaZone

When you reach out to us we use your data (which may include call and video recordings)  to provide you with the customer support you requested, investigate claims as well as to improve our customer support. ZoolaZone uses your data for the above purposes because they are necessary in order to fulfil the agreement that we have with you without which we cannot provide you with the customer support and based on our legitimate interest to improve our services.

When you voluntarily provide feedback to ZoolaZone in the form of a review of a product or the webshop we will show your feedback and review to other website visitors, this might include your name. We use this data based on your consent and you can always withdraw your feedback if you so choose.

  • To run and maintain our platform

ZoolaZone uses the data provided by or collected from you to ensure that you and other customer can enjoy a secure and function service to this end we collect and use data to:

  • Technically enable the service, for example using your IP address and browser information to enable you to reach our website.

  • Prevent and detect (potential) illegal and/or fraudulent behaviour, for example looking for and detecting suspicious browsing behaviour or monitoring high risk payments.  

  • Provide a secure and safe browsing experience, for example preventing illegal or unwanted content upload or preventing attacks on our website.

We use your data for the above purposes because they are necessary in order to deliver you with the service you requested and based on the legitimate interest of ZoolaZone and that of other users and individuals to ensure our business continuity and to protect the data and systems of others .

  • To improve our services and your and other user’s experience

ZoolaZone use the data provided by or collected from you to continuously improve our services, create a better user and shopping experience, help the scientific community, or assist us in public policy affairs .To facilitate this we

  • Perform on and offsite analytics on browsing, shopping and purchase behavior. For example we might display customers with various versions of our website to see which ones perform best or we analyze purchased goods to enable us to make informed decisions about new future products and wares

  • Conduct in-house research and/or provide data to external research partners for scientific or public policy purposes. We might for example provide aggregated information to research partners for them to use in scientific studies or to help us in public affairs.

We use your data for the above purposes based on our legitimate interest to improve existing and develop new services and features. If we ask information directly from you or collect this information through the use of cookies we will process this information based on your consent which you can revoke free of charge at any time.

  • Communication and Marketing

ZoolaZone uses the data that we collect from you or about you to be able to communicate and reach out to you as well as to run and improve our marketing campaigns. We use data to:

  • Send you non-marketing related communication for example to inform you about the status of your goods or ask you about your opinion on ZoolaZone or the goods you bought

  • Send you marketing communication for example to make you aware of new products that we added to our shops or about items that would go well with your previous purchase

  • To develop, run, and improve our online and offline advertisements. For example when you click on one of our advertisements on another website that you are visiting we would know that you reached us through one of our advertisements. In most cases for our advertisements we rely on the use of cookies and similar technologies for more information about that or to change your preferences please visit our consent banner.

  • To run, maintain, and improve our social media pages, for example when you communicate with us through our social media pages or if you tag ZoolaZone in a message.

In the event you visit us on Facebook and Instagram we are the data controller of all the information you place on those pages or when you communicate with us. In addition when you visit Fan Pages Facebook collects information about your use of those pages through the use of cookies and other methods.which allows ZoolaZone to view certain statistics about the use of our pages so called “page insights”. For the collection and use of this data ZoolaZone and Facebook are considered jointly responsible. The Facebook and Instagram social networks are both provided by Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2, Ireland. For more information on how Facebook uses your information click  For more information about our joint controllership please click

We use this information based on the fact that it is necessary to perform our contract that we have with you or to perform a service you requested without this data we cannot deliver or perform the requested service. We also process this data based on our legitimate interest to improve and optimize our business or with your consent in which case you are always easily able to revoke such a consent.  

  •  Business operations

We additionally use the data you provide or we collect from and about you to run our business. This may mean that we use your information for:

  • Accounting and financial reporting

  • Legal proceedings with you or others

  • Law enforcement inquiries and other criminal investigations

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Compliance requirements to which we are subject. For example product compliance to ensure we know where our goods have been shipped to or customs obligations.

We use this information primarily based on legal obligations to which ZoolaZone is subject. In other cases we use the information based on our legitimate interest to ensure the continuity of our business.

  • With whom does ZoolaZone share my data?

Third Parties

In order to provide you with the services we offer at ZoolaZone we share your personal data with third parties that enable us to run the service that you use. Sometimes these third parties are not located in a country that offers a similar level of data protection as the European Union, but they do provide us, and therefore you, with invaluable services. When we use these third parties we make sure that it is either to fulfill a service you requested, with your explicit consent, or that we rely on a legally approved transfer mechanism such as SCCs.

Categories of third parties with whom we disclose personal information:

  • Shipping service providers

  • Sellers

  • Social media networks

  • Advertising partners

  • Contractors

  • Payment providers

  • Marketing agencies

  • Professional services partners (lawyers, accountants, consultants etc)

  • Cloud and other technical service providers

  • Customer support centers

  • Research partners

        General Public

        In addition to the above third parties, when you place a review on the ZoolaZone website about a product that you purchased or comment on our social media channels those reviews and comments are available for everyone to see.


ZoolaZone consists of multiple group companies and subsidiaries depending on the type of data processing and the services you request from us. We will share your data within our group to be able to offer you those services.

  • How long does ZoolaZone keep my data?

We collect and use your personal data for a variety of purposes that are described above. Each of these purposes has different requirements and therefore also a different retention period. We will delete your personal data as soon as it is no longer necessary to keep it for the purpose for which it was collected.

When you request the deletion of your personal data we strive to delete your personal data within 30 days. In some cases this might take longer in which case we shall inform you accordingly. Please be advised however that we are legally required to keep some of your personal data, such as order and purchase information, for up to 7 years in order to adhere to our own legal obligations to which we are subject..  

  • Your rights

We provide you with various ways to take control of the way we use your personal data. In most cases you can control our use of your personal data directly on the website.

Right to access: You have the right to request a copy of your personal data which you can obtain by sending a message to our DPO. When doing so we will provide you with a copy in a machine readable format that you can easily transmit to another controller (Right to data portability).

Right to rectification: You can update most of your personal data that we hold on you directly in your account settings . If you feel that we hold other inaccurate information about you; you can contact us directly.

Right to deletion: You can delete your account and/or request the deletion of your personal data directly in the privacy center here.

Right to object to the processing of your personal data: In the event that we process your personal data based on our, or someone else’s, legitimate interest you can object to ZoolaZone using your personal data for that purpose. Please provide us with any information that you can based on which you believe your interest overrides ours.  If you do, we shall reassess our legitimate interest based on the new facts that you have provided and if granted will stop using your personal data for this purpose. When objecting to ZoolaZone use of your personal data for direct marketing purposes we shall stop using your data for such purposes.  

Right to restrict the processing of your personal data: You can request ZoolaZone to restrict our use of your personal data in the event that you don’t believe your data is accurate, you believe the data processing is unlawful but you don’t want us to delete the data, we no longer need the data for its intended purpose but you require it for the establishment, exercise or defence of a legal claim, or you have objected to our use of your personal data and want us to restrict its use until we have made a decision regarding your objection.  

Withdrawal of Consent: Whenever you have given your consent to the processing of your personal data you can withdraw that consent at any time, doing so is free of charge. In the event that your consent relates to your permission for the sending of marketing emails you can withdraw your consent directly in your account settings or otherwise at the bottom of any email that we send you.

  • Contact details

If you have any questions around how we use your personal data, want to invoke any of your data subject rights, wish to make a suggestion or complaint you can reach out directly to our Data Protection Officer:

Right to lodge a complaint at the Supervisory Authority

In the event that you feel that we have not sufficiently responded to your request or question you always have the right to lodge a complaint at the Supervisory Authority in the country that you live in. Alternatively you can lodge a complaint directly at the lead supervisory authority which for ZoolaZone is the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens in the Netherlands. You can do so

Payment Methods


  • Credit / Debit Cards

  • Offline Payments

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