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Women's Lycra Polo Neck Loose Blouse

Fabric Feature: 65% Cotton 30% Polyester 5% Lycra
Product Height: 56 Cm
Pattern : Comfortable Pattern
Lining : None
Zipper : No
Flexibility: Yes


Women's Lycra Polo Neck Loose Blouse

  • Since we always want to give you new products, unfortunately we cannot accept returns except for the following situations;
    If the product is faulty (products are checked one by one)
    If there is a manufacturing defect in the product (products are checked one by one)
    The courier waits for you for 3 minutes, if any of the above situations exist, you can deliver it to the courier again.
    However, please pay attention to the size, color and similar aspects when purchasing the product, as there is no refund under other conditions. If you have any doubts, contact customer service.

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